Shipping and Delivery

Where do we ship?

Currently, Furnish My Place ships all its products in the United States.

What are our shipping charges?

We offer free-of-cost shipping and assure our deliveries are safe and secure. Our products come safely packaged and are delivered to the desired address with utmost concern.

Is there order tracking facilities?

Yes, we have easy-to-access order tracking on our website. After you place your order, you receive an auto-generated email with a unique product purchase ID that helps you keep a track of your item. You can add the shared detail on our “Track your order” section to easily trace the whereabouts of your order.

How long will it take for my order to deliver?

We aim at processing every order on priority. As soon as your order and payment confirms, we start the dispatch process. Usually, Furnish My Place delivers the order within 2-4 business days.

What are the packaging facilities for large deliveries?

Since we deal in oversized rugs and goods, the packaging is our main focus. You can schedule a desired date and time for delivery and we strive to meet your set expectations. The packaging is firm and sturdy. The rug is properly covered first, in a plastic sheet, and then in a protective wrap.