Anji Mountain 60% Cotton, 40% Jute Ivory, Tan Handloom-Woven Lazy Lightning Rug


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All-natural jute and upcycled cotton yarns form a diamond and arrow pattern in this ruggedly elegant area rug. Hand-woven texture, a timeless tribal pattern, and neutral shades of tan and ivory give you the perfect canvas for composing the room of your dreams. As a complement to modern, traditional, bohemian, and global decor styles alike, this durable rug is built to keep its fresh look for years. Its softness will surprise you: we only use the finest, sustainably farmed jute fibers and we spin our cotton yarn from t-shirts and other recycled garments. This rug’s high quality will feel good and function even better in your favorite rooms at home.

  • Hand-loom woven by skilled artisans, demonstrating superior quality, craftsmanship, and durability
  • Hand woven, flat-weave pile made of colored cotton and ethically sourced jute fiber
  • Jute fibers have insulating and moisture-regulating properties, making your room naturally more comfortable, and while jute can be course and rough at first, it will soften considerably over time
  • Warm, natural tan color with ivory accents fits with almost any decor
  • This rug is GoodWeave-certified, which means you’re not only making the world more beautiful by buying an artisanal product you’re making the world better by helping to end child labor and supporting fair working conditions.

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