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Rich and Classy Area Rugs for Your Living Space – Vintage Rugs

If you love a simple and decent home décor with a touch of royal beauty and ancient motifs, then Vintage Area Rugs are what you can add to your wish list. Vintage Rugs are back in trend with updated and contemporary looks relating to modern trends. Oriental antique rugs are highly polished and refined with various advanced techniques to modify them as per the new style and modular home interiors. However, you can also go with the old-fashioned and distressed area rugs for a more classy and timeless arrangement. One can make a strong impact on every visitor when space is furnished with vintage carpet.

What are Vintage Rugs?

The rugs that are as older as 25-100 years are often termed Vintage Carpets. Some people and designers may call them Antique Carpets because they are somehow similar to one another. To refurbish a home with golden historic art, vintage-style carpets are the best choice that one can ever make. Being crafted by superior skills the vintage rugs are extremely durable and can last for generations. Our rugs for homes are available in every style – traditional, modern, neutral, dark and vibrant, geometric and floral patterns of rugs that can bring a transitional appearance to a place.

It does not matter where you live – a small house, apartment, or a big luxurious villa. Vintage rugs can valuable and timeless beauty by enhancing the statement and entire picture of the space. Such home décor accessories with meaningful patterns, bold colors, and premium materials can make a generic house look extravagant and classy.

Important Features of Vintage Rugs

The unique surface texture of Indoor Vintage carpets creates an inviting look, an owner does not have to put extra stress on his shoulders about adding articles for home decorations when he can upgrade his space by a minimal effort of investing into an area rug. Read 5 Important features of Vintage Rugs that you need to know.

Vintage Rugs demand Low-Maintenance

Rugs are made of a high-quality and most natural form of fibers which makes them very handy to wash and clean. You can maintain the first-class and appealing looks of a carpet by minimal efforts – simply vacuum the surface without applying too much stress on the rug surface.

Highly Tough and Enduring Carpets for homes

Jute, Viscose, and Wool are the reason behind the impressive durability and toughness of carpets and it makes them acceptable to be placed in high traffic areas. Tough backing and tightly woven construction of floor carpets protect the rugs from shedding and wear-tear.

Best Hand-woven Rugs

Our collection of premium vintage rugs is hand-woven inspired by the ancient cultures that believe in patience and dedication towards work. They look fresh even if are years older and set a balancing tone with the home furniture. You can identify the authenticity of an area rug by knowing if it is hand-woven or not.

Sustainable and Recycled Carpets

By choosing vintage and antique rugs you are also choosing the environment and nature. Most of the vintage rugs are recycled, over-dyed, and designed again as a brand new area rug that makes it even more worthy and valuable. The practice contributes to sustainability and preserving rich historic mats for generations.

Affordable Vintage Area Rugs

We all know that luxurious, fancy, and timeless vintage area rugs can be high at cost prices because they are hand-woven and it takes months to complete a single rug. Also, the top quality of fabrics and skilled craftsmen are the reason behind extravagant rugs. However, Recycled vintage rugs with equal lustrous and value can be purchased at low prices.

Where to place Vintage Area Rugs?

Once you buy your favorite antique and vintage area rug, the next step is to decide the perfect spot for placing a carpet to make the best out of the home. Some people place area rugs without spending enough time thinking about the ideal space and then complain if they have made a wrong choice. Let us know the best places to place a Vintage Carpet inside or outside the living space.

Living Room

The most preferred and admired place for home decoration is a guest room. We greet our friends and guests in this spot; our family spends time here, and the crucial space to create memories is a living area. It will lighten up the home by adding a modern home décor accessory.

Study Area

Children need a clean, positive and fresh ambiance wherever they study – it keeps them focused and active all day. Keep the incredible patterns and sophisticated area rugs inside the study room to uplift the frequency of the overall space. Also, the spot looks well-organized and maintained in the presence of vibrant vintage rugs.


Nobody likes the sound of walking up and down on the step of stairs – you can surely avoid them in the daytime. But it becomes hard to ignore while you are alone in your home and during the nighttime. Just cover up the stairs with elegant vintage rugs to reduce the unwanted noise and the space will eventually turn to be royal as a bonus.


Place the ancient rugs beside your bed and experience the soothing and warmness of area rugs every time you step on the floor. It enhances the floor and protects it from the daily mess, and breakages. Always ensure to receive the best quality vintage rugs online else the rug could not provide its best service.


A boring and empty hallway can become expressive and communicable with the right placement of vintage runner rugs. Make sure to bring attractive patterns and colors if choosing to place in corridors, galleries, and hallways. Many people utilize antique rug designs to target their hallways for a unique and clean look.

The Bottom Line

Modernize your home interior with antique and vintage carpets made by world-class craftsmen with the experience of years in the rug industry. FurnishMyPlace is a leading marketplace in providing high-end home décor accessories that brighten up a home with eye-catching designs. We know the importance of colors, textures, patterns for the decoration of a home and outdoors as well. You will find an ideal area rug for any space from our exciting inventory.

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