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Contemporary Area Rugs for Homes – Multipurpose and Enduring Carpets

Contemporary rugs are the advance and elegant way of giving a sparkling appearance to the interior of a home. With the modern indoor contemporary carpets, you can showcase any room inside a home. Winters have already arrived; it is the right time to take an outdoor area rug for placing down under the sunlight for a relaxing sunbath. These rugs are designed by the inspirational modern arts by keeping in mind the bold, expressive, and even graphics. Along with the trendy and fashionable designs – traditional and rustic patterns are also popular styles to be looked upon nowadays.

What are Contemporary Area Rugs?

  • They are generally available in extremely soft and durable fabrics that could be natural as well as synthetic. Both nature-gifting textures and man-made materials have unique and soothing tones enough to transform any living place.
  • Designs and patterns of contemporary carpets are taken from the western culture in most of the craft working. However, transitional styles – including both conventional and modular can also be seen in the wide collection of area rugs on our website.
  • As compared to traditional rugs, this carpet comes up in more color and pattern variations. It becomes handy for the customer to make ideal choices when they find diverse styles of area carpets for the home.
  • The pile width and the layering done in the contemporary rugs are not too thick and hard – professional weavers design the article with the consideration of all aspects of modern minds and homes.
  • India, Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey are the most popular producers of our best collection of contemporary area carpets.

The idea behind Contemporary Carpets

Ever wonder why some people mix up the names of modern and contemporary carpets while some believe that both terms are different. What do you think? If you are one of those people who think that the two are similar then let me clear that you are probably wrong! The term modern refers to a certain period in the past, for example – a rug crafted between 1960 and 1970 is highly famous for its functionalities and outstanding aesthetics. It would be called a Modern Rug, which means the same design of a rug will remain unchanged for the rest of the time. On the other hand, ‘Contemporary’ refers to the current and ongoing trends, carpets that are popular now, in the present time are often known as ‘Contemporary Rugs’.

Popular Designs of Contemporary Rugs

We have a variety of fashionable and trendy styles of contemporary rugs that can make a balanced outlook with every kind of home.

Patterns of Contemporary Carpets

FurnishMyPlace is the leading platform having high-quality interior home decoration accessories. You can make your ideal choice from the selective collection of modern area rugs to furnish the floor of different areas in a home. The braided and knotted hand-loomed carpets work perfectly fine in fulfilling the functional needs – these rugs have superior durability and hard backing.

Allow yourself to read out the list given below – the most popular modular rug patterns.

  • Abstract Patterns of rugs
  • Rug designs with Border
  • Floral Modern Rug designs
  • Geometric patterns of area rug carpets
  • Natural and Musical patterns of contemporary rugs
  • Rugs with Paisley and Stripes

Variable Styles of Modular Carpets

The reason why our collection of floor carpets is among the top-rated home décor items is that our manufacturers slay every single piece by embedding the blend of variable rug styles and patterns. Rather than sticking to only one style, we have the following main different styles of area carpets.

  • Bohemian Modern Rugs
  • Transitional Rugs
  • Traditional modern area rugs
  • Shag Contemporary Area Rugs

Advantages of using Contemporary Area Rugs

An Indoor / Outdoor Contemporary rug is not just to add aesthetics to your place but protect and treat your place in ways to make it functionally better.

They are Multipurpose

  • Our contemporary carpets designed by skilled and highly professional craftsmen can match the vibe and décor of any space including a bedroom, kitchen, patio, living room, study room, and rooftops.
  • If you are confused about where to place outdoor modular carpets, lay them down in hallways, decks, gardens, balconies, beach area, ships pool area, etc.

Ultra-Soft and Durable

  • The secret behind the ultimate soft texture of modern rugs is the additional plush. It is added to target the extra smoothness of a floor covering carpet.
  • The unmatchable strength of rugs makes them endure due to the hard backing of olefin and polyester which premium materials are best known for maintaining the strength of an area carpet.

Power-loomed and Hand-woven Carpets

  • To amplify the strength of a rug, special techniques are being utilized in the procedure to make indoor and outdoor carpets. The power-loomed process of weaving the mat makes the strength trustable.
  • The hand-loomed and hand-woven process tighten the knots and braids of a carpet that eliminates the fear of wearing and tearing a modular carpet.

High-Traffic Bearable Modern Carpets

  • Made from synthetic polypropylene and polyester – area rugs available at our online store is a big contribution to making the product tolerable of high traffic. Place them fearlessly in doorways and for outside activities.
  • Carefully backed by luxurious materials such as Cotton and Jute, rugs designed with various materials provide good armor from rough grounds.

How to Clean Luxurious Contemporary Carpets?

The cleaning process of a carpet is as simple as any other luxurious area rug. Be careful about the care instruction given by the producer or manufacturer of a specific product.

  1. Spot Clean the rugs made of natural fibers – also, check the tips given by the company.
  2. Give a deep professional cleaning to your carpet twice a year to maintain lustrously and shine.
  3. Vacuum cleaning the carpet regularly can be performed if needed but without hard pressure and beater bar.

These simple three steps will create a big impact on the overall condition of any kind of area carpet. Without accurate knowledge of the washing process, an area carpet can become dull and old before its expected timing, therefore be mindful regarding it.

For productive and influencing outcomes, keeping in mind the modern home décor accessories and modular furniture to match a carpet will guide you in decision making. – Contemporary rugs are dyed in seamless and sophisticated tints of color palettes. Many carpets are only dyed in a single or double shade to match the solid interior of a house.

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