Privacy Policy

Last Updated and Effective: August 1, 2021

We at Furnish My Place respect the privacy rights of our customers and visitors on our website. We are committed to serving a customer-oriented platform and draw serious attention to privacy matters. We have introduced policies and procedures that protect your rights from being violated during your time at the Furnish My Place Website. Here at Furnish My Place, each visitor and customer shall receive fair and equal treatment.

We have prepared user-friendly guidelines, policies, and procedures with simultaneously providing an unsurpassed online shopping experience. When you visit Furnish My Place, you are accepting the policies details that we follow.

All the policies and guidelines apply to the information that we receive from the following platforms:

  • Furnish My Place Website.
  • Text, email, and other electronic messages are exchanged on the website.

Electronic Communication with Furnish My Place

If you email us (Furnish My Place) at our registered email address and exchange messages through our automated chat assistant, you agree to continue communication with us. It also implies that you consent to share the information with us in writing, and we can use that information to continue the process/procedure you initiated. Furnish My Place can communicate with you via emails or by posting updates or notices on the website. We assume that you, as an attentive visitor – read and accept the updates that Furnish My Place posts or communicates through its website.

Any electronic communication done on the website or email address – is the property of Furnish My Place.

What Information Furnish My Place collects through its website?

To ensure that we offer you a better shopping experience, Furnish My Place collects and saves information that you post on our website willingly. It may include:

  • Information when you create an account.
  • Information that you fill in to be notified for exclusive deals (offers and discounts).
  • Information that you sign up for participating in a contest or a promotion on the website.
  • Information that you enter for filling a return/refund on your purchase

When is your account authorized and created on the Furnish My Place Website?

Creating an account is a very simple process on our website. Thus, we hereby clarify what activities you do when you create an account. It includes – Making a purchase, creating your wish list, registering for an account.

We require some details from you when you register your account on our website – your first and last name, email address, a password, security question (if required), and other basic details and information. If you purchase any product on our website, we further ask you for additional information like billing address, shipping address, and payment-related information.

We also observe your actions on our website to gather more information about you and your areas of interest. We may collect some details about the sections that you visit on our website and the IP address that you use to log in to our site.

We extract this information for:

  • Making a personalized experience for you on Furnish My Place
  • Restrict/prevent the fraudulent accounts

This data is not shared with any individual or outside company (apart from website development consultants and service providers of Furnish My Place – who are working with us as a unit to improving the website and customer experience). This information shall remain confidential. We have no access to where you go on the World Wide Web.

We keep a close eye on keeping your details and information safe.

Furnish My Place is a customer-oriented website, and we have various security measures to keep the personal information of each customer and visitor safe. The personal data or information that we collected from the above-mentioned activities – is safely contained and stored within our secured networks. Only the senior employees, consultants, and analysts have access to this private information – using specially secured passwords.  We put more emphasis on sensitive information like address details and credit/debit card information that you share. It is transmitted via secure technology to the Furnish My Place database.

You can always update your personal information on the website.

Furnish My Place has a special section of “MY ACCOUNT”. The customers can visit the page and make changes like – adding/removing the personal information from that section. The page is easy to access with just a click on the “My Account” section (available on the top section of the website).

How does Furnish My Place use cookies?

A cookie refers to a small file placed on the hard drive of your system. You get to choose or refuse the browser cookies by simply activating the appropriate setting on your browser. The cookies shall always come to your system after you click on the ACCEPT BUTTON. If you accept the cookies, you will enjoy accessing all the parts of the websites. But, you may not be able to access certain parts on our website.

We use the content that you upload.

Furnish My Place allows the customer to share feedbacks, pictures, recommendations, and queries. Furnish My Place uses this information that the customer(s) willingly share with us on our website or via email. You (the customers) are responsible for the user content posted on our website or any social media network. Also, the customer consent for using this user content for –

  • Retaining and storing information to Furnish My Place Data Base.
  • Using it to analyze the above-mentioned criteria.

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns about our privacy policy and the privacy practices and guidelines, please feel free to contact us at our website or contact us at our support service on Whatsapp and via call.