How To Wisely Choose The Best Rugs Designs For Your Home?

Looking for the inspiration to choose the best rug for your home?

Knowing which rug to buy can be challenging! Don’t worry, with us you can excel at it.

Rugs are the outfits of your home that present it with more depth and drama. The right carpet can be a real game changer.

Each space can be uniquely decorated if you layer it down with an emphasizing area rug. They are a quick way to add warmth, and texture, and give a signature look.

Know that, there are no strict rules to getting a floor rug that anchors your living area. In fact, you need to follow some easy guidelines.

Let us first have a real quick look at some factors for shopping best rugs online:

  • Location to add an area rug
  • Size of a Carpet
  • Pick the Shape of a Rug
  • Choose Materials
  • Examine Foot Traffic
  • Pick Right Rug Color
  • Design and Style
  • The texture of a Carpet

Tips to Choose a Rug for a Perfect Room

You wouldn’t go in a rush when picking the best dress– the same principle applies to the rug designs. It takes a lot of patience and a little work.

Fancy Rugs make a strong impression that brings harmony but some mistakes can bring bad results. The following tips will help you to avoid them all.

Here you go –

Decide where you want to place an area rug

Always start this important task by deciding the location to layer a rug. Not every room will be suited for all types. For an instance, the runner is great for narrow spaces, stairs, corridors, and entryways.

On the other hand, square and rectangular rugs are normally considered ideal for patios, decks, living, and bedrooms.  Half-rounds can be for corners, and entry doors.

Note down the measurements for a carpet

Let me do an honest talk that the rugs with larger size leave a great impact not only in bedrooms and study rooms but also in the main area of a home.

Else, you can always do some math to find out the exact dimensions for a rug size. Arrange the furniture accordingly. If it is a bedroom, pick a medium size rug to place under the bed.

Similarly, for the living area and kitchen, the rugs can be accurately selected by precisely measuring the floor dimensions, Kitchen Island, and the wall size along which rug will be added.

Choose a suitable shape

Just as mentioned earlier in the first tip, the shape of the rug must be one of your initial priorities. Round Rugs can be placed under round tables; rectangle carpets look splendid under a dining future.

In the same manner, to highlight a certain point of any space, for example, a balcony, you can use a hexagon and can place plants or flower pots over there.

Figure out materials, fibers, and backing

Durable, Pet, and Kid Friendly Rugs, Resistant to wear-tear, stains, and spots are the main features that must be in the material of a rug.

Wool, Cotton, Jute, and Bamboo are natural and popular non-toxic and long-lasting rug materials to choose from.

If not this, you are free to pick carpets from man-made fiber such as nylon, polypropylene, and polyester! Besides, the quality of material overpowers, never forget it when rugs for your home.

Also, keep in mind the type of backing material, rug pads, and each fiber used in designing. You can go through the description for verifying the details of a product.

Take a note of foot traffic

Is the place to be decorated with an area rug most or the least visited? Consider the amount of foot traffic and act accordingly.

As an example, doorways and guest room spaces are more visited more frequently than the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and balcony. For high-traffic areas –dense, tough, and enduring rugs are the finest option.

Natural fibers stand the test of time, and intense traffic. They save you money and protect both the top and the floor from damage.

Soft and plush materials like silk, nylon, and cotton are perfect for bedrooms, study areas, and low-key spaces of your home.

Pick the right rug color

Unless the carpet is not of multi-color, or black and white – it is essential to pick them according to interior home décor.

The objective here is to make a carpet the center of attraction that puts together the entire space with grace. Go with neutral shades if you want to play safe.

Go for the statement design and style of a rug

Moving another thing that most people pay close attention to is ‘the design and style of rugs’ of course!

Rugs come in the tone of patterns namely contemporary, bohemian rugs, animal print, strip rugs, Persian and Oriental, coastal rugs, and solid and shag rugs.

To make a spot influential, you need to check out each design. FurnishMyPlace has a vast range of collections ranging from every antique to the modern style of an area rug.

End the task by choosing a good rug texture

Remember we talked about the depth in the beginning?

Well, that is a thing that can be achieved with the right rug texture. By this people can judge the quality and taste the touch of a carpet even without touching it.

Texture makes the first impression. Silk, Velvet, Soft, Deep, and Luxurious piles often leave delicious aspects to the viewer. The thick and heavy texture is again great for outdoors and in the living area.

3D visual beauty textures are popular among folks. They give visual tones and undefined beauty to a floor.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, the given points must be useful for you to find the best rug for your home.

You need to ground and balance the ambiance as much as you can. This will create a really smart look. Last but not least, never miss out on hot discounts plus sales on rugs. You can save a huge amount of dollars and can get the best quality rugs online!

Grab all kinds of area rugs at FurnishMyPlace designed by top craftsmen. Do follow our social handles for updated home décor essentials and add instant sophistication to every place you step in!

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