How to Clean a Rug

Expert's and Easy Tips on how to Clean a Rug

Area rugs have been in trend for a long time when it comes to house decoration. These rugs can also give a feel of comfort as it comes in sophisticated cloth material. However, rugs may not give you the same sense of beauty and comfort if they are not cleaned regularly and in the right way. So, through this write-up, we will tell you how to clean  Kaleen rugs.

What to do before cleaning the rugs?

•    First of all, make sure to shake off the rugs.

•    Next, you need to check the settings of your vacuum cleaner. Here, you need to reduce the speed of the vacuum cleaner. It will make sure the rug does not stuck on the vacuum.

•    Sprinkle baking soda on the rug and start vacuuming it.

•    Make sure to get the dust out of the edges of the rug.

Tips to clean different types of rugs

How to clean Wool Rugs

Wool rugs have durable cloth material and it its color better than other rug material. Also, as these rugs are woven, so they can hold the dirt. So, wool rugs require thorough cleaning. Here, we will tell you about how to clean a rug made of wool.

•    It is recommended that you should hang the rug on the clothesline or railing and beat it with a pole. You can also shake off the rug if it is smaller in size.

•    There could be excessive soil in your rug, thus, you should vacuum clean it before cleaning it with water.

•    Put the rug in the bucket of cold water. You need to put a capful of gentle laundry detergent.

•    Microfiber cloth with detergent water should be dampened. You should dab it on rug’s surface lightly. It is a must for you to remoisten the rug whenever required.

•    Next, throw out the detergent water and refill the bucket with fresh water.

•    Moisten a new microfiber. This should be blotted over the rug.

•    Next, use many dry microfiber towels to blot the rug. You can also use regular bath towels.

•    Don’t use the rug till is it is scorched.

How to clean cotton rugs?

Cotton rugs are lighter than wool rugs and that makes these rugs popular. However, these rugs have natural fibers of cotton that can attract lots of dirt. So, here let’s learn how to clean a rug that is made of cotton.

You can simply shake out the dirt from the smaller rugs or can clean it using the washing machine. Here, you need to ensure to set your machine washer on the light cycle, use of the light detergent and cold water is recommended. You should hang the small rugs on the clothesline to dry it thoroughly.

If you have a large cotton rug and you are looking to clean it, then it is better for you to use the same instructions as given to wash wool rugs. Furthermore, if you want the cleaning to be of high grade, then it is recommended that you should take it to a local Laundromat. They could it clean it for you at a reasonable cost.

How to clean jute rugs?

Jute rugs are the pieces of class. These are light in weight and can give a simple and sober look to your room. However, it has been seen that these rugs get moist much. That makes it a must for you to clean it regularly. So, here let’s find out how to clean a rug made of jute.

•    Make sure you have the dry cleaning kit for jute rugs.

•    Next, bring the rugs outside and shake off the dirt and debris from it.

•    Sprinkle the dry cleaning powder on the jute rug.

•    Now, gently clean the rug fibers with the help of brush you get in the cleaning kit. You can also use a stiff bristled brush. Don’t go rash while brushing the rug.

•    Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the powder from the rug.

How to clean synthetic fibers?

Nylon, polypropylene, rayon and olefin and many other synthetic fibers are used to make area rugs. It is a must for you to be aware of ways to clean synthetic fibers. Hence, here let’s learn about how to clean rugs made of synthetic fibers.

•    First of all, use the vacuum cleaner to clean the rug and also shake it outside to take the dirt out.

•    Put the rug on a sloped floor, or it should be hanged on a clothesline.

•    Spray water on the rug till it is completely wet.

•    Next, you should use dishwashing liquid on the surface of the rug.

•    Rub the soap into the rug using a bristled brush. Make sure not to scrub it rigorously.

•    Next, you should rinse the rub until is completely clean.

•    Last but not the least, you should use the rug only after it is dry.

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