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Launched in March 2015, Furnish My Place is different from anything you have witnessed in the home decor niche. We are a lifestyle shopping destination where only superior-quality products find a place. We confess to a relentless pursuit of something extraordinary. As luxury home decor specialists, we handpick products from across the world, consciously staying away from assembly-line inventories and the boring. We are synonymous with furnishings that challenge the convention and are proud to be ultra-stylish, exotic, and even offbeat, catering to people who shop with an ‘only-the-best’ mindset.

Homeware that Evolves with ‘YOU’

Whether you want to blend minimalism with grandeur in the bedroom, bring a bit of the outdoor inside the living room, or redo the patio to create a guest-hosting area, your living space continues to evolve. Then, why should shopping for home decor be so predictable? Our team of concept designers, theme decorators, and decor specialists curates a growing collection that blends modern and classic designs with the assurance of finding many exclusives. Expect a premium range of home decorative products that can transform living areas, including designer collections and signature lines for every part of the home. The timelessness of traditional designs, the durability of manmade upholstery, hand-woven expertise, or sophisticated aesthetics—what is your idea of luxury interiors? Whether you are fiercely cosmopolitan or love the simplicity of the countryside, your living space tells a story about you. We help you transform your living space into an expression of yourself.

Redefining how the World Buys Luxe Furnishings

We beautifully fill the void in the upmarket, high-street furnishings marketplace by ensuring that everything, from bohemian-print carpets to vintage furniture and Hollywood-glam decor elements are available sans any inhibitions. What might seem over-the-top to others might be opulent, promising the extravagance you want. What might seem distressed & aged to others might be your choice for an antique-inspired touch. While other stores quickly adopt & dump products, blindly trusting seasonal trends, we are purists, believing every type of home environment should be celebrated with liberated choices. Now, you don’t need to be a global traveler to discover the best in artsy accent pieces or furnishings with a spiritual appeal—we have gathered everything, waiting for your attention.

Home Decor Choices for Every Preference

High-on-style, our online hub offers something for every interior/outdoor concept. If you are a homeowner with a love for the rustic or prefer natural textures and sea-inspired color palettes, feel sure about finding harmonizing accessories. You can also buy highly functional pieces for the office cubicle that exudes luxe. Searching for retro-themed pieces that create nostalgia? Try our rugs that have been procured from different corners of the world. Need side tables to increase the countertop area in a work-from-home room? We have the perfect options to create your working nest! Whether it is a housewarming party gift or picking something for the Holiday Season, spend a few minutes with our decor offerings to find something truly lovable. From mid-century modern furnishings to scintillating showpieces or the simplicity of Scandinavian designs and transitional accessories, trust our product-sourcing specialists to spoil you with infinite options.

If you have a question about any of our products or need help with understanding the Art Deco versus Industrial or Asian Zen home design concepts, reach out via [email protected] for a quick conversation…